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homeAs a full-service licensed mortgage company,  Hunter Financial Group renders its products and services to customers in 6 states. As a HUD/FHA approved lender, HFG offers a comprehensive array of mortgage options, among them conventional, conforming, and non-conforming loans. The company offers these services for purchases, refinances, home equity lines of credit, and even commercial loans.

Though the mortgage transaction is sometimes seen as impersonal this is a company that is devoted to putting the client’s needs first—always. Indeed, HFG is devoted to offering its clients the lowest possible rate, at all times, all while maintaining a superior standard of customer service and care. The ultimate vision, for HFG, is to deliver preferred pricing, flexibility, and customized solutions—ensuring the satisfaction of each and every customer.

So whether your plan is to purchase a new property, refinance an existing loan, or make improvements to your current home, Hunter Financial Group has much to offer. Read on to learn a bit more about what this company is, and what it does. Discover the assortment of products and services this company has to offer, and learn what makes this company a preferred lender among so many homeowners.

Corporate History

First, a few words about the history of this company. HFG was established by mortgage professionals who bring to the business more than three decades of industry experience. The vision, from the beginning, was to create a company that is built from equal parts knowledge and customized service. Currently, HFG serves clients in 6different states.

HFG was designed to offer an exhaustive line of mortgage products, such as: conventional, conforming and non-conforming loans; home equity lines of credit; and an array of other, innovative options.  The company is staffed by passionate loan experts who are eager to help clients understand every step of the loan process.

Mortgage Expertise

Mortgage expertise is something that helps to distinguish the company, to set it apart. Hunter Financial Group is a company that houses many mortgage experts. The customer benefits from this in a variety of ways:

  • These mortgage specialists bring an intimate and detailed understanding of everything that the home-buying and home financing processes entail. After all, they are homeowners themselves—so they all know what the process is like, and that equips them to offer superior service to each and every client.
  • The company is keen to tailor its products and services to particular circumstances, properties and loan amounts, while also bringing expertise to more normal, “cookie cutter” scenarios. Another way of saying this: HFG combines creativity and common sense. It seeks to provide solutions that match the financial needs and lifestyle requirements of its customers—plain and simple!
  •  The company is also adamant about taking personal responsibility over each client’s loan process. Hunter Financial Group is a company you can count on, and a company you can reliably reach, any time you need them.
  • Finally, these mortgage pros want to serve you for life. Hunter Financial Group desires to help you with any future home purchases, or with refinancing.

The company also prides itself on offering superior mortgage solutions. HFG is proud of following the company mission.

  • The company provides competitive programs and pricing.
  • The company delivers solutions that take into account many different credit scenarios.
  • The company is forthright; HFG is devoted to offering honest and dependable services, with no surprises along the way! With HFG, you know exactly what you are getting, and what you can expect.
  • Finally, the company strives to provide services that are friendly, polite, and responsive.

A Comprehensive Mortgage Service

As you can see, HFG is a company devoted to providing services that are high-quality, and that treat client’s right. Additionally, though, the company is passionate to offer a range of services. These services include purchase programs, refinancing programs, and even home equity programs. When HFG says that it offers a comprehensive array of mortgage products and services, you can believe it!

Hunter Financial Group: More about the Company

All of this information serves to provide an overview of what this company does, where its values lie, and what kinds of services it renders. HFG, is also a leader in the industry for its awards, its professional affiliations, and its involvement within its local community.

Recognition and Achievement

First, we might make a brief note about awards this company has received. Given its obvious interest in serving clients fully, it comes as no great surprise that HFG has received some recognition within its industry. In particular, it has twice received the Premier Partner Award from Streetlinks Lender Solutions. HFG won these honors in both 2010 and in 2011.

Regulation Matters

Hunter Financial Group is a company that comes fully backed and accredited by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). To the consumer, this accreditation provides an extra level of reliability. The MBA affiliation shows that this is a company complaint with all industry regulations and requirements—meaning you can trust them, and the services rendered.

Community Service

We have already seen that this is a company that takes service seriously, when it comes to the way it treats its customers. However, HFG also seeks to serve within its community. Here are a few examples:

  • In 2012, the company donated to the Ahwatukee YMCA Charity.
  • HFG has also donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
  • Finally, the company seeks to help consumers around the country through its partnerships with, Lower My Bills, and other organizations.

Hunter Financial Group is a company known throughout the country for its comprehensive mortgage services. Hunter Financial Group is committed to service, and to knowledge. Hunter Financial Group has served homeowners in 6 states, and its reputation is for excellence and for a personal, friendly touch.

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